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5000 Hydrogen peroxide steam sterilizer

Working principle: PLC-controlled generator produces good hydrogen peroxide vapour, which effectively kills microorganisms at the condensation point of saturated concentration, and then uses the same equipment to decompose the excess hydrogen peroxide into harmless water and oxygen by catalyst.
The whole sterilization process is divided into four stages
Preparation stage: the temperature of the steam generator is raised to a stable condition
Steam generation: hydrogen peroxide vapor quickly enters the sterilization space (by flash evaporation)
Sterilization stage: the saturated concentration of hydrogen peroxide vapor is kept in the sterilization space
Ventilation stage: hydrogen peroxide vapor is decomposed into water and oxygen on the catalyst
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The sterilization process
Step 1: Prepare

WDS-5000 sterilization equipment is started, the system is self-tested, to prepare for the work of the flash evaporator.
No pretreatment or dehumidification is required for the sterilized area.

Step 2: Air intake stage

The WDS-5000 flash vapour enters the enclosed space and fills the interior, then diffuses hydrogen peroxide vapour onto every exposed surface, including the complex shapes and crevices around it.

Step 3: Maintenance phase


As the hydrogen peroxide vapor saturates, the enclosed space will no longer be filled with gas, and the vapor will settle on each exposed surface and kill the pathogen.

Step 4: Ventilation stage



All hydrogen peroxide vapors can be safely removed from the space using the WDS-5000 Sterilization Equipment's high-performance catalytic degradation unit. When using the ventilation unit of the equipment, hydrogen peroxide vapor can be degraded into water vapor and oxygen.


Equipment model WDS-5000
Structural materials Aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
15 ℃ to 30 ℃
0 ℃ to 35 ℃
Relative humidity of operation
Stored relative humidity
95%RH (Max, no condensation)
The power supply AC 220V  50/60Hz  16A
power 3200W
Work location upright
Dimensions with console (WXDXH)
Without console size (WXDXH)
550 x640x1390 mm
550 x550x1390 mm
Weight with console
Without the weight of the console
100 kg
95 kg
Maximum hydrogen peroxide solution loading 5.0 litres
Steam gas flow rate
Diffusion flow
60 cubic meters per hour
950 cubic meters per hour
Steam temperature 50-70 ℃
Hydrogen peroxide liquid injection rate 0-30 g/min
The noise 80 dBA (degradation stage)
Hydrogen peroxide 30-35% W/W Analytical Pure Grade (stored at 2-8 ° C)
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The portable hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) generator achieves 6-log spore killing rate
Multiple machines can be connected for sterilization of large room/area with a volume of up to 250㎡ in line with GMP requirements
Simple operation, using unique parameter control or timing cycle to achieve rapid biological sterilization

The WDS-5000 is an easy-to-use, mobile HPV generator capable of bio-cleaning GMP-compliant rooms/laboratories up to 250 square meters using GAMP compatible software. Includes a unique parametric cycle control mode that reduces the need for development of jet cycle parameters in non-GMP facilities (the timed cycle mode allows sterilization of larger volumes).
The WDS-5000 provides enhanced HPV transmission and control through a simple touch screen interface that is ideal for sterilizing surfaces in a room and achieving 6-log killing, the same standard as steam sterilizers/autoclaves.
WDS-5000 is suitable for biofiltration in GMP and non-GMP clean rooms, aseptic processing production lines, biological products workshops, biomedical facilities, biosafety/safety laboratory animal centers, farms and other areas.

The main features
WDS-5000 provides intuitive software with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interface through a color touch screen panel; A loading capacity of 5L hydrogen peroxide solution can be used for continuous space sterilization, and it includes a built-in thermal printer and offers a hand-held hydrogen peroxide vapor detector. The portable detachable controller can be placed outside the sterilization room/area for operation. WDS-5000 uses 5L preloaded hydrogen peroxide solution of 30-35% by volume ratio.

WDS-5000 equipment designs, manufactures, and supplies biological applications for the following sites and objects; Purification service solutions:


The core benefits of HPV

Excellent material compatibility, including sensitive electronic components
Environmentally friendly - no residue
Effective broad-spectrum performance
High-order sterilization effect (6-LOG bubble inactivation)
Low temperature sterilization process

HPV application

GMP clean room
Sterile operation
Biological agents
Biological safety



Features: Advantage:
1. Unique reliable algorithm 1. It is fast, efficient, and does not require program development 
2. Multi-machine networking 2. Single machine to multi-machine networking, can cover different sizes of area sterilization requirements
3. Fast and efficient flash technology 3. Areas with a fast killing volume of 50 to 400 cubic meters (for larger areas, multi-machine networking mode can be adopted)
4. Broad-spectrum, high-efficiency sterilization 4.6log level sterilization, spore killing
5. Flexible mobile system, driven by one person 5. Can be used in a variety of shape area compact design
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